Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Monster Madness: Naugahyde Dolls of the 1960

Hiwan Homestead Museum is very excited to announce its latest exhibit, “Monster Madness: The Loveable Nauga”. This exhibit showcases a collection of approximately 30 “naugas” from the 1960s. These creatures, the collection of Albuquerque resident George Anderman, were created in the 1960s by the Naugahyde Company to promote their new synthetic wonder product, Naugahyde. Come learn about the fascinating “nauga” back-story fabricated by the Naugahyde Company to comfortably introduce the public to the new world of synthetic fabric. Be sure not to miss out on this never-before seen collection, one that will surely captivate you.

“Monster Madness: The Loveable Nauga” will be on display at Hiwan Homestead Museum from Tuesday, January 15 through Sunday, March 30. Museum admission is free to the public during open hours. Please call 303-674-6262 for more information.

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