Friday, December 29, 2006


Hiwan Homestead Museum has quite a connection to the railroad. Our Harvey Girls theme (for the Tea), and overall decoration theme for Christmas 2006 stems from that connection. We know that Charles WInfred Douglas (of Camp Neosho's history) was an agent for the Fred Harvey Company. While we do not know specific dates or even where he went, we do know that he was trading extensively with the Hopi and Navajo Indians for the Fred Harvey Company in 1902. This information was gathered from his second wife's paper "The Life and Work of Charles Winifred Douglas" by Leonard Ellinwood and Anne Woodward Douglas, 1958.

As you go through the Museum and see all of the train decorations think about the past inhabitants and visitors, some of whom remember the Buchanans with their "electric trains crisscrossing from dining room table to window seats at Christmas" (from Camp Neosho to the Hiwan Homestead by Connie Fahnestock).

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